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Granite Countertops in Fairfax, VA

If you’re considering a granite countertop in your kitchen or bathroom, that’s great news. You won’t be disappointed in making a durable beauty investment that instantly boots a home’s market value and visual appeal. Granite doesn’t depreciate in value and lasts virtually forever with proper care, and every single piece is unique to your home. In fact, some of the quarries we work with are not easily accessible and can only be quarried for short periods of time throughout the year, making each slab truly one-of- a- kind and exotic. There’s no limit to the colors and shapes you can find with help from our professional design team!

Benefits of Granite

Before you say granite is too expensive, wait a moment. Granite can certainly become an expensive option depending on the type you want and the size of your kitchen, but for most average-sized kitchens, Erva Stone & Design supplies plenty of reasonably priced options. Even if a whole kitchen is out of your price range, small bathrooms or kitchen backsplashes are very affordable ways to bring the beauty of granite into your home. Plus, our quotes are full service and include the material, fabrication, and installation so there are no additional hidden fees.

When you invest in granite, you’re getting long-term value. This stone is naturally antibacterial and incredibly easy to clean with warm water and mild detergent, so it’s ideal for kitchen and bathrooms where hygiene is important. Particularly important in kitchens, granite is also heat-resistant, because the stone itself was formed in the ground under extremely high heat and pressure over time. Thanks to our long-lasting sealants, the stone is stain and scratch-resistant for a constantly luminous finish.

Granite Countertop Installation

Granite should always be handled by stone specialists, as even many contractors aren’t equipped to safely and carefully cut stone. Unlike wood or inexpensive countertop materials, mistakes can’t be easily repaired and a mis-cut could crack the stone or shape it down to the wrong size, making the entire slab unusable in your kitchen. To assure safe handling trust our trained specialists at Erva Stone & Design for your granite countertop installation in Fairfax.

To install granite, our team will measure and cut in advance with extreme precision before sealing the porous stone to keep liquids and stains out, and then wrapping your slab for transportation. We’ll properly seat the stone on your cabinets, making sure all appliances are installed and in working order around and under the slab.

Granite Countertop Care

To care for your granite countertop, it’s important not to harm the sealant with chemical cleaners—simple warm water and a mild detergent are enough to keep the counter clean. Most sealants last for years, but if you do need to reseal the counter in the future, it’s as simple as applying the liquid with a cloth and wiping off any excess. If you do somehow chip or damage your counter, contact Erva Stone & Design. Often. We can use a color-matched epoxy to fill the void and restore the original shape and beauty of the stone.

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